Solutions Presentation


Drug Delivery System

The first medical device developed byour teamis based on iontophoresis, consistingon thetranscutaneousadministration of drugs viaa low intensity electric current.

Drug Delivery System


Medical Monitoring Sensors

The continuousgrowing of the elderlypopulation attachedto the overcrowding of healthcare servicesevokesan evolvingnecessity to the development of solutions capableof adressing this need. As a result,weacquired the skillsfor the development ofa portable, simple and innovative solution whichis able to monitorize human vital signs at home:

  • Heart Rate;
  • Body Temperature;
  • Blood Pressure;
  • Oxygens's Concentration in Blood;
  • Respiration Rate;
  • Body Mass Index.

Continuousmonitoring of these vitalsignsprovides to the healthcareprofessionalsa proper diagnosis of the patient'sclinical state.